String Capitalization Functions: strtoupper-strtolower-ucwords.

In php you can easily manipulate the capitalization of your PHP strings, there are ready to use functions that help you to convert yout text to upper case, lower case, or just the first letter of every word to upper case.


$originalString = "Testing string Capitalization AbCDe";

$upperCase = strtoupper($originalString); // Result: TESTING STRING CAPITALIZATION ABCDE
$lowerCase = strtolower($originalString); // Result: testing string capitalization abcde
$ucTitleString = ucwords($originalString); // Result: Testing String Capitalization Abcde


This does explain everything about how to manipulate capitalization. In fact strtoupper returns the string in upper case, strtolower converts to lower case, and ucwords capitalize the first letter of each word, without making any changes to other characters in the word. (ie tEsT becomes TEsT with ucwords).

If you have any question, I'm ready to help you.


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