You probably already know that you can get variable from a html form in php using $_GET and $_POST, you use $_GET if the html form is like: <form name="name" action="form.php" method="get"> and use $_POST if it is <form name="name" action="form.php" method="post">.

But what if you want your php to work for both post and get datas in the same time, to precess the form whatever it was in post method or get method, you will then think to use if conditions to check whether of two methods was used:

if (isset($_POST['var']))
// process data...
if (isset($_GET['var']))
// process data in the same way...

BUT there is a little and usefull solution: $_REQUEST, because $REQUEST can get any form field value, whatever it was GET or POST method, it does not care.

This means that $_REQUEST['var'] = $_POST['var'] if the form was in post method, and $_REQUEST['var'] = $_GET['var'] if the form was get. ('var' is the field name you want to get its value)
So now you will not care what method the form use :)

You can also use isset() with $_REQUEST, for example:
if (isset($_REQUEST['var'])) is the same than if ( isset($_POST['var']) or isset($_GET['var']) )

I hope this little tip will help you, we will provide best php tips, scripts as well as php tutorials.


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