PHP mail() - send email with php

Sending email with php is very simple, few lines of code and it works.
You need to send email using php when you have a comment or contact us form, where your visitors contact you via a web page form, and you get the message to your email address, or when you have a signup / registration form and you want to send automatically a confirmation link or a welcome message to your new users.

This is how you send email using php:
$TO = "";
$h  = "From:";
$message = "my message here";
mail($TO, $subject, $message, $h);

That's it ! mail() function have 3 required parameters and one optional.
$To is the receiver email address, $subject is the subject and $message is the body of your message.
$h is optional, is the header you will send, it contains the sender email address ("FROM:")

I will post next how to send a html email, and how to use SMTP Authentication which means how to choose the smtp server and use your username and password to use that server.


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