PHP String explode

Explode is a very usefull php function to split s string to an array of strings by the string delimiter.
for example you have a sentence that you want to get its words, means to explode this sentence to an array of words, just like that:
String: "I will go to USA the next week"
make it an array:
"I" , "will" , "go" , "to" , "USA" , "the" , "next" , "week"

This is how it works:

$string = 'I will go to USA the next week' ;
$array = explode ( ' ' , $string ) ; // This will split $string by the space character ' '
echo $array[0] ; // Display: I
echo $array[1] ; // Display: will
echo $array[2] ; // Display: go
echo $array[3] ; // Display: to
echo $array[4] ; // Display: USA

In explode parameters, you need to enter the delimiter string ( which is space in this example, and it can be any other string), and the string you want to explode.
This function returns an array of small strings.

You can also explode the string to many string, rather than an array.

$string = '125:145:165:175' ;
list($string1 , $string2 , $string3 , $string4 ) = explode ( ':' , $string ) ; // This will explode
echo $string1 ; // Display: 125
echo $string2 ; // Display: 145
echo $string3 ; // Display: 165
echo $string4 ; // Display: 175


PHP explode() is also usefull for time and date, explode time "08:16:00" to get hours, minutes and seconds and explode date to get year, day and month.


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