Memory problem in PHP simple HTML DOM

I was using PHP Simple HTML dom, a great and free library for parsing html pages and retreiving info from it. I really liked it.. But when it comes to parsing many differents pages of some website in one php script, you will get an error:

Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted,

and this is because simple HTML dom don't free up the memory in real time, so the solution is:

Each time you create a dom object ( foe exemple using: $html = file_get_html("http://someurl/"); or  str_get_html... ), then when you don't need it anymore you have to call _destruct:


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting this!
but there is a type. it should be __destruct, not _destruct.

Wojtek said...

Thanks a lot!
I was looking for a solution to this problem and that was it.
Would be good to fix the typo, though. Like the guy above wrote, there's a double _


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i also was surfing the net for this problem like Wojtek,
and now i have solve my prob,

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

TechToyz said...

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Lia said...

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