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The best solution to hire a programmer for a project you have, is to look for a freelancer.
But where ?

Ok, I know, there are many freelance websites and you are confused, or maybe you don't know any one, in all cases I advice you to take a look at scriptlance .

Yes, I like it, and I'm already a programmer there, you can register and post your project for free, so nothing to lose to take a look at :)

Why ?
There are many excellent programmers there, and they can do their job very quickly and very cheap !

It's also secure, as the money will be keept in an escrow account, and the programmer can't take it unless he complete his job and release the money to him. You can also pay with any method you like .

So, just go to scriptlance and, you will see a message in the home page: "Describe what you need and submit a project free and quickly"
Post there your project !

If you don't have a project yet, register for free, and post whenever you need.

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Oups, I forget, if you are a programmer and want to become freelancer and get paid, just register as programmer, it's also free ..

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